Taiba Anwer

I am an expert SEO content writer

Taiba Anwer

I bring creative and fresh ideas to the world of content with professional experience in content writing. I focus my content on gaining engagement and creating a brilliant brand presence online and offline.
I think outside the box, and when needed, I create a new box. I believe in sharing and communicating the true essence and vision of the brand through my content. I involve myself completely in every project I'm offered, with the aim to provide unmatched value and outstanding results to my clients.
I've been writing since the age of 12. In all these years, I have seen my writing grow from being pinned in class walls, to being published in international magazines, and now, on websites globally.
My other interests are painting, art and craft, or some collage work, singing, wacthing Netflix, and reading novels. I enjoy photoshoots and playing with cats too.

  • Karachi, Pakistan.
  • taibaanwer0@gmail.com

My Professional Skills

Now. you don't need to face a tough time to hire a beneficial and fruitful professional writer as I am that writer who knows how to create a productive and useful type of service over time. I have a commitment to quality and have a strong, confident writing voice.
My service will move your articles close to ranking. It will become a powerful differentiator of your website or blog.

Job Success Score 100%
Web Design 90%
LSI and Secondary Keyword Research 100%
Proofreading 100%

Higher Traffic

I am a total greek when it comes to on-page SEO for blog post and can help you rank for tricky keywords on Google

Reseach Backed Content

Everything that I write for your blog will be backed by strong research from authority sources.

Higher Conversions

Want more sales, leads or affiliate commissions? I've got your back with persuasive writing that can compel your readers to buy.

Google Adsense and Ezoic

You can easily earn through displaying adds on your website. Google adsense and Ezoic approval is a complex process. I will approve your accounts and help you earn dollars.

Meta Discription

As a yoast SEO master, I can edit your published blogs and make them SEO friendly by applying on-page and off-page optimized tools


I work as a friendly member of your team. I will not only edit other's blog posts but also frame their work accordingly.

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